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These are only some of the saddle stands created since June 2013. I have found that some clients like to look at them to get ideas for what they want their saddle stand to look like.

New item! This old wood has a history and is being repurposed. It is red oak, originally used by my horse trainer for bucking bull chutes. Then he used it in horse stalls. The horses chewed on it giving the artistic look. They were replaced with newer wood planks and thrown in a heap, where I saw them. They have been cleaned, sanded, stained and decorated with hooks, conchos, old leather and original art. The longest one in the picture if 47" in length.

Saddle stands created for the TPHC Power of Pink Show in Waco, March 2014. They will be awarded to the high point winners in several categories.

More pictures of the saddle stands that will be given away to high point winners at the Power of Pink Show sponsored by the TPHC.

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